KGVN FM (Currently GLVI
Community Radio for Galveston Island

(A member of Noble Public Broadcasting llc)

Mission Statement:

Our Goal is to enrich, inform and educate listeners in Galveston and the surrounding areas through 24 hour community radio broadcast on the FM band. We will accomplish this responsibly and within the rules and regulations of the FCC.

Providing at no cost to the listener a variety of venues including but not limited to: Local News and Events, Entertainment, Call-in Talk and Commentary , Fishing and Weather reports, Local Sports Coverage, Access to other resources in the area for persons in need, Emergency bulletins and Updated Schedules of Events happening here on Galveston Island.

Any person (without discrimination of any sort), who has met the qualifications Lined out in the Broadcasters Agreement. Also having agreed to operate within the FCC guidelines, may broadcast their show at a scheduled time after a short ‘hands on’ orientation in regard to the use of the broadcasting equipment in the KGVN studio.